Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bumble Sweet's First Product Review: Sweaty Bands

Sweaty Bands

I'm in love. I first heard about Sweaty Bands from  The Marathon Show, a podcast about all things marathoning. Owner, Donna, was on the show talking about being a female entrepreneur and marathoner. Born out of necessity, Sweaty Bands was created because headbands kept shooting off the back of Donna's head! 

I can relate. 

My gigantic head hates headbands. They squeeeeeeze. Pinch. Or shoot off my head like a really tight rubber band. It's miserable! All I want to do is keep my locks out of my face while I get all sweaty and gross. That's it, nothing fancy. 

Enter, the Sweaty Band

I contacted the lovelies over at Sweaty Bands asking if they would be interested in sponsoring this product review. Lesley wrote back and said sure! Within a couple of days, I received an cute little package in the mail with 2 headbands!

Two! Sweet!

I was thrilled. They sent me a thin (1") and a thick (1.5") headband. I was so excited. My plan was to test them in the activities I do most, running and Bikram Yoga (studio where I get my sweat on)

The thin one, "Scroll Down Your Playlist," was tested several times (3 times running and 2 times in Yoga). 

(Photos courtesy of your's truly)

Right off the bat, I was surprised at what the headband actually consisted of. The underside of the headband has a velvety fabric and I imagine that's the secret! There is a thinner elastic band that connects the ends of the headband. That's great! Not too tight and not too loose. 

When I first put on the headband, it took a few tries to find the perfect placement, but I finally figured it out. I fell in love right then. The headband was the perfect fit for my big 'ole head.

Normally, headbands start off good...everything stays in its place, my tresses are out of my blinkers and I'm a happy camper. And then I start moving. Insert projectile headband! This little beauty stayed put through about 12 miles of running and I couldn't be happier. 

The headband performed equally well in Yoga. In Bikram, there are a few poses where your head is on the floor. I thought for sure this would be the breaking point. Nope. It just keep sucking to my head. Sweet! The 1" band is totally a winner. 

The 1.5", "Chakra Dots," headband did great in running trials, but I was a little disappointed in how it did in Yoga. It did great in the standing poses, but anything on the floor it didn't want to stay on my head. By that time in the class, I really need to keep my hair out of my face.  It might be ok if I moved it closer to my forehead, but I may try that later. 
(Please excuse my Dr. Evil has a mind of its own!)

All in all, I'm so excited to have tried these awesome headbands. The only drawback to completely going hog wild and ordering a bunch (which by the way.....there are, as of this posting, 357 different 1" headbands and 123 1.5" headbands) is the price. One inch bands go for a whopping $15/each and the 1.5" for $18. 

However, the price is actually totally justified. All of the headbands are handmade by ladies in Donna's network of sewers in Ohio. Plus, turnaround time is amazing. Those things considered, I'll certainly be ordering more!


  1. Can't wait to try one on my awkward-shaped head. I swear my head was made for warfare via headband shooting.

  2. I have a totally mini-head and have such trouble! I wonder if these would work for me? Hmm... might have to given them a try!

  3. Tracy - They have bands for smaller heads (marketed for young girls....maybe try those.